Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pity Liverpool ^^

This morning went to college....kept make fun of those Liverpool fans ...after the early morning defeat of the Final OF Uefa Champions League to AC Milan...they lost 2-1 college i just kept laughing at Vernon who is a Liverpool Fans...Vernon...told u...Liverpool need more improvement and need to learn more from Manchester United...lolxx..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rest In Peace, Friend :''( U will always be remember !!Forever!!

Hmm...tis early morning at the time of 1.45 phone suddenly rang...and it was Szeto ,an old primary skool classmate called me..And i was thinking "Why the hell he call me in such a early morning"? And when i answer ...there goes the conversation

Eric: Hello?
Szeto: Hello ,eric ar? Hey,did u heard a news today ?
Eric:Huh??What news wo???
Szeto:Remember our old classmate? Xiao You JIng?
Eric:ahuh?yea yea..i remember ..
Szeto: He passed away on monday .
Eric: (Shock) hey , are u kidding me?
Szeto:nope , no ...he really passed away
Eric: come he passed away?
Szeto:Ian told me today ,he said he got the lung infection and have a sugery
Eric:Then how??He passed away during the sugery??
Szeto:Nola,he was actually successfully done the sugery..and he is in the recovering condition...and sudenly his sugar level go high and his heart beat stopped sad
Szeto :yea we will see tmr maybe we will pay him a last visit...
Eric:okok,u call me when u confirm k?

AFTER the phone conversation with Szeto..i was in a toal shock and tears almost come out from my eyes...but i tried to control and i was thinkin how come such cruel things will hapen to him???He used to be a cheerful guy but why ??i just couldn't understand why and can't really accept the leaving of his...he deserve a longer life!!!Sigh..i noe is useless cause is a fact and what i can do is just to pray and wish him Rest in peace . :''(

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Taylor peeps :)
Revo peeps :) first blog over here ..hmm..thx to kai xiang...was actually own a blogspot long time ago just kinda lazy to write...and after read kai xiang blog...suddenly feel like wan to blog again d !!! Hehe...recently my life just full with friends life !!!! And this feel great as we joke this sem reli seems to be the best sem among the other semester...reli enjoy this semester alot with Yu Tiong...Kong Hao.....Alex....Jiun Yaw.....Kai Xiang.....and others....ur guys roxx !!!! Hmm..well...what shud i write smre??hmm...perhaps some interesting activity we had done....Lolxx....basically we always go to lunch together whenever there is a break for us...and gosh...we just can't stop to joke around..and dare each other....and cause every one thought that we are crazy freaks...but then its fun....simply too fun !!!!!!!! Fun to be crazy !!!haha....last thursday night,we went to pyramid to have a movie...before arrive in Kong the worse nightmare in our life when we got in a car of our friend and gosh...he just those racer or maybe i should call "crazy car driver"he drove a Toyota Unser and he drive it as if he is driving a Skyline or Evo....he just kept on overtake other cars without consider his left and right that wether there are cars anot...and he almost got us into an accident when he just swift his car from the third lane to the first lane strait and gosh....behind there are CARS coming with unpredictable speed....and thank god that time ...those cars behind were going slowly...or not i guess i wont blog over here d ...sigh....

Well....and after the scary moment...we had fun all night and we even did some crazy order food in AnW by order in malay...from Hot Dog to ANjing panas....and joke and LOL in A and W....everyone just looking at us...and we got even crazy by sing song word to describe us....CRAZY !!! And that night was quite fun....after that day we went to Redbox and sing !!!! Wow...and this make me ...Alex and Kong Hao looks like a group of superstar as when we singing....there are flash light from camera shot toward us...hehe...but our singing just too good to be superstar. Eventually ..i really enjoy these activities with my college gangzz...they roxx!!! Roxx my life !!!

As in usual having futsal in Usj 5 early in the morning....and REVO always form few teams and play against each other and also outsider malay teams...and perhaps i got prejudice on those malay kids as they just being too arrogant...just a secondary boy ..they trying to show off.....and always think that they got the skill...the power of shooting...and this cause me always scold them...and once even spit on a malay guy and push him...coz he scolded me "BUDAK SIAL"...his words makes me frustrated and i spit on his pant accidentally...and he still show those tak puas face to me...and i push him...i was expect him to fight back but...he just say sorry...and sorry...sigh....this makes me feel bad...and after my game end..i confront him and told him why he makes me so angry and i did apologised for the spitting on him...i admit that was too much and even my friends told me that i shudnt do that. Anyhow...that was over...a past...and now..for me... every saturday morning is the best morning among the whole week...because play futsal with friends not only fun but enjoyable also especially when play skill and score goals against just love those feeling...!!!!

So basically i got to stop here as there are still lotsa things to write of my be continue other day... : ) thx for reading....