Friday, September 25, 2009

A wasting of money

Reccently we have this news that Malaysia will becoming a racing country to brings up glory and standards of our local automobile into a world standard ...therefore they spend up RM 1 BILLION on this formula 1 team.... named 1 MALAYSIA..... already witnessed the world top car makers like Honda and BMW who have already lost interest in F1 ..... besides that ...Lotus isn't play a very good reputation in the automobile world.... it had one time got bailed out by the US and European car makers i wana know what so good about Lotus ??? and whats the purpose of forming this 1 Malaysia when our own country lost control on our maintenance on this Sepang circuit... like this season.... few of my friends went to watch this F1 racing in Sepang... end up all negative comments.. rainning... roof licking... wtf.... how can this happen when this is one of the sports that the whole world is watching.... roof leaking...funny enough... not only spoiled our country reputation but also creates a bad impression to all the tourists from oversea .... people will start thinking of wether to come or not to this Sepang circuit on the following years... well... in my opinion i think that its a waste of money by spending billion on this F1 team... i mean why not use this big amount of money to invest on other industry like tourism industry... our highways.... our public transport system..... we are already one step behind Singapore ...Hong Kong... or even Thailand in attracting overseas tourists... sigh...when ppl came to Malaysia...their complains were crime cases...lack in public transport... so i was wondering when all these things will be improve in Malaysia... OH WELL .... 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

well...i got back home late today....the moment i went in my sister told me to finish up the prawn that my mum had left specially for me.....wel...expect no supper tonite but thanks to my lovely mummy.... =) HOME SWEET HOME 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Monday, September 21, 2009

KK 21st party

date : 18th of september 2009 
place : KK house 
Had quite lots of fun during the late night on his party albeit the beginning of the party was abit of quiet and what we did in during the beginning was eating and sisha-ing....besides that we had poker while some play mahjong....chill and stuff..... anyways....its a good party when the end we had a great session...playing tiramisu cake with kk face was awesome and hilarious..... well done guys....besides that we had some great daring action from Wong Yee Hui as he showed us how big is the influence of RM50 was a great night ..... alright....shall let the pictures and video do the talking =)