Monday, April 12, 2010

Rave in genting

So on the 3rd of April we went genting for the rave party featuring speedzone.... 95 percent of the crowd there were malays and the 5 percent were chinese and the other races of ppl .... was chilling cool over there.... lotsa mist and have quite some fun there and also drama i had witness there..... anyways....drinking game there with the ppl there was fun and sleeping time too ... full of noises to Kum as he contributed the most to the noises during sleeping time ...anyways...shall let the pictures do the talking... good day ahead ppl =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

hectic time

Came back from Phuture ...Velvet and Zouk ...thanks to the hyper active Elaine Ong.... from r&b to trance n trance to house music... super duper hyper wei .... and met a plan duit kopi incident failed from POLICE of Malaysia..kept insist that i had drink and said i scared and stuff but end up.... i got nothing after blowing their alcohol tester.... wasting my time and their effort.... perfect .... assignment day for this weekend and here comes to the end of my one week break... stay tuned for the upcoming post of Rave party in genting.... have a good day ahead ppl .... =)