Sunday, September 5, 2010

Times in melbourne

during my holiday ...i had a vacation...a memorable one in melbourne with all my friends there ... seriously its freaking cold there and i swear its the first time i been to such a cold place .... 3 degree celcius ? the whole city is like a freezer .... cold wind....cold rain.... despite the cold weather...i had alot of fun especially with those besties i had nvr see for some times.... and probably i have to thanks alot to Kong Hao for bringing me to so many places ... thanks Violet for bringing me for a sushi burger which i think i will never get to try it in Malaysia..thanks Lukas for making me drunk on the night in club Seven ... and thanks Vernon for bringing me into a big group of friends and we interact among ourself just like a big family.... hahah.... btw its pretty nice to see what kind of lifestyle Australians have and whats their culture and to be honest...the people there are thousand times polite than the people here in Malaysia ....especially those sales person...waiterss.... they serve u with smile and trying their best to help u if ure in trouble .... overall....its a great trip and experience in Melbourne and never forget how i missed the jackpot in crown casino ....last but not least....thanks Aik Sin for the places to stay .... will be looking forward for another trip over there soon =)

Hope this pic brighten up ur day =p

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